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Another Satisfied Client SOLD In 4 Days!!!

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It was a pleasure working with Clara and Andy to help them get their home SOLD in 4 days!  They had an accepted offer within 4 days of listing their home with me.

With so many Fresno Realtors to chose from, they decided to select the John Samarin Home Selling Team to get the job done.  I implemented my strategic marketing plans (both offline and online/internet marketing) to quickly produce…

  • A tremendous amount of buyer interest from the massive exposure.
  • Many buyer showings from Day 1 on the market!
  • Many inbound buyer calls whom I personally spoke with regarding the home.  (I proactively market and sell your Fresno home… I don’t wait for other agents to get it sold.)
  • And the best part… they received TOP DOLLAR!

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How To Get A Free Credit Report Every 4 Months

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Your credit report and buying Fresno Real Estate go hand in hand… the better your credit score is the easier it will be to get the financing you need to purchase your next home. One of the ways you can maintain good credit is buy monitoring your credit report throughout the year to make sure you are not subject to identity theft where someone is using your name and credit to run up credit accounts you don’t even know about and SEVERELY damage your ability to obtain credit.

Credit Report

What I’m about to show you is how you can monitor your credit report for FREE!

No really… I’m not kidding.

I know there are a ton of companies out there with “catchy jingles” who are willing to give you a free credit report as long as you sign up for a trial service of some kind where you’ll eventually pay a monthly recurring fee if you don’t cancel the service.

You can get your credit report for FREE every 12 months with no strings attached because it is the law… I know, because I just did it and have implemented the strategy I discuss below.

So here’s what you do (and be sure to check out my “BONUS TIP” below before ordering your credit report)…

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How To Avoid Foreclosure In Fresno – Debt Relief Extended

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As always, consult a tax and/or legal professional regarding mortgage debt relief and how it applies to your specific situation.

There is great news for Fresno real estate owners facing the possibility of losing their home to foreclosure and have or plan on performing a short sale with a Fresno Realtor as their workout plan.  This is huge help for people to catch up financially and not having to pay taxes on their forgiven debt is a great start!

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